SP85 L1/L2 GNSS Single Receiver Kit with UHF 430-470 MHz 2W TRx (Base or Rover)

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The Spectra Geospatial SP85 is a 600-channel next generation GNSS receiver. The SP85 uses a unique, all signal tracking and processing Z-Blade technology to provide the most reliable measurements and the highest possible accuracies. It also offers the best communications and connectivity capabilities available today including L-band satellite, SMS and email alerts and anti-theft protection. The ergonomic design and unlimited operating time make the SP85 an extremely versatile and complete solution.

Consisting of:

  • SP85 GNSS Receiver
  • PN 92670-10 – Battery – Li-Ion, 2.8Ah, 7.4V 20.7 Wh (x2)
  • PN 93374-10 – Tape Measure, 3.6m / 12ft
  • PN 88400-50-SPN – Extension Pole 7cm
  • PN EGL-Z2001 – USB Data Cable
  • PN 104342-10 – Hard Case
  • PN 95858-10 – Soft transport bag
  • Product Software and Documentation Leaflet
  • SP85 Quick Start Guide
  • Anti-Theft Technology Sticker
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

PN 92673-10 – SP85 UHF Kit, 2W TRx, 410-470 MHz, including:

  • SP85 UHF Module (410-470 Mhz 2W TRx)
  • PN 106815-10: Two-Piece Carbon Fiber Range Pole, 1.75m
  • PN 95860-10: Range Pole Soft Bag
  • PN 95672: SP85 Pole Extension, 25 cm
  • Torx T25 Screwdriver

PN 94336-00 – SP85 Office Power Kit, including:

  • PN 59044-SPN: Cable – Data/Power, 1.5m, DB9(F) to 0S/7P/M to SAE
  • PN88769-SPN: Cable – Adapter, 0.15m, SAE to DC socket(2.1mm)
  • PN 90938-SPN: Cable – Adapter USB to RS232

PN 44085-46 – Antenna Portable, 6” Rubber Duck, 425-475 MHz

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