SP100 L1/L2 – L5 GNSS Single Receiver Kit with UHF 430-470 MHz 1W TRx (Base or Rover)

Available as a Perpetual or Subscription Licensed Product

Step 1: Choose your hardware based on what radio you need
Model Radio Frequency Bluetooth WiFi
No Radio N/A Yes Yes
Dual Band Radio 450 MHz & 900 MHz Yes Yes
450 MHz Only
Available in select regions
450 MHz Yes Yes
Step 2: Choose your configuration, and upgrade at any time
Configuration Type of Licence Tilt
Base and Rover Perpetual or Subscription Yes
Base and Rover Lite Perpetual No
Rover Subscription Yes
Base Lite Subscription No
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Modern Technology for Every Surveyor

The Spectra Geospatial® SP100 GNSS receiver is everything you need for surveying. With precise, IMU-based tilt compensation, the SP100 gets field work done faster. Combined with Origin field software and Survey Office software, the SP100 helps you handle any surveying project quickly and cost efficiently.

Optimal productivity and safety: Get more done faster and safer

  • With its highly efficient tilted measurement capability, the SP100 automatically compensates to provide high quality positions—no need to level.
  • Easily capture hard-to-reach points from building corners and fence lines to river boundaries. Remove all without ever having to level.
  • Survey with complete safety as the IMU-tilt compensation allows you to work on roads and monitor traffic simultaneously.

Peak performance: High precision wherever your work takes you

  • Continue to work with high accuracy anywhere your work takes you–in the city or near trees—thanks to the enhanced Z-Blade™ GNSS engine, triple frequency GNSS, built-in ionospheric error mitigation, and compatibility with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service

Enhanced resistance: Built for challenging environments

  • With a compact, ultra-rugged design, the SP100 is built to withstand challenging physical conditions, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in dusty, wet, salty, windy, or extremely hot or cold environments.

Features for Your Every Day Work

  • Measure quicker and safer with IMU-based tilt compensation.
  • Capture more data with more confidence and better repeatability—even in tree canopies—with an improved GNSS engine and triple-frequency support.
  • Connect the SP100 to the user‑friendly Origin Field software.
  • With an ultra-rugged rover, never worry about challenging physical conditions.

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